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October 1, 2019
January 17, 2022

Motor Control in a easy to transport, waterproof case!

Power Link® PLMC Motor Controller series and SKB, the ultimate in portability!

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Whirlwind's new PLMC-SKB Series.
Roll 'em in, open 'em up, and you're in business!

Need a dependable motor controller and a waterproof case to get it around with? Well have we got the rig for you! Introducing the PLMC-SKB Series, our new rolling motor controllers with an easy to store, easy to move, *waterproof SKB case! All the features of our traditional PLMCs in a small weatherproof solution! We didn’t earn your trust cutting corners, and we’re not about to start! One factory, one phone call. It’s that simple! Give us a call and get your next project under way, and we’ll continue to do what we do best!

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Control up to 8 chain hoist motors from a rugged hand held unit. For each motor channel, there is a center off, up down switch to select motor direction. LEDs indicate the position of these switches for quick visual confirmation. When the GO switch is pressed, all of the motors will move in their selected direction. In addition each motor channel includes a “BUMP” button which allows a convenient way to trim the position of individual motors. There is an emergency “KILL” switch that assures all power is removed from the motors instantly should unexpected activity occur.

16 channel version capable of controlling up to 16 different chain hoists. 32 channel version also available (PLMCR32).


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