Where is our dealers list?

From time to time we're asked, "Why don't you have your dealers names listed and linked to on your website?" Here's why...

Whirlwind manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products through our worldwide network of independent dealers. Some only sell pro audio, some only service the install and contracting markets and others are music stores which primarily sell our snakes, cables and interface boxes.

By communicating directly with you when you need to find a source for Whirlwind products, we can connect you with someone who is familiar with and perhaps stocks the products that you are interested in.

To obtain the name of a Whirlwind dealer in your area or to send us your comments and feedback, please get in touch with us using one of the methods below:

Outside the U.S.A. only:

For inquiries about purchasing Whirlwind equipment or for questions about becoming a Whirlwind export dealer, Please email: darylg@whirlwindusa.com

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585 663-8820
800-733-9473 (toll free - U.S.)
585 865-8930 (fax)

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