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May 20, 2019
January 17, 2022

Introducing the new DT12 snake

Another first from Whirlwind!

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Whirlwind is proud to introduce a new generation of industry standard DT12 connectors to fulfill the ever growing needs of broadcast production professionals. Our WDT12SKB series is fully compatible with all earlier generations of this connector. Designed and manufactured to the Whirlwind standard of quality, these connectors will provide years of reliable, and dependable service. Our innovative termination box has also been designed to offer a new set of features to front line technicians. Housed in a briefcase like SKB case, the drop box is easily portable, fully waterproof when closed, and the lid can act as a rain shield while in use. Like all our Whirlwind Snakes, these are built to last, built to trust, and made right here in America. 

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