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October 6, 2022
October 6, 2022

MINI 8 Drop Snake

Whirlwind Adds The MINI 8 to its legendary drop snake family!

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The MINI-6, MINI 8, and MINI-12 are ideal drop snakes for cleaning up cable runs in the studio or on stage. Complete with SnakeSkin® on the fanouts for ultimate fanout protection, Metal chassis mount XLR connectors, and a Pig Bag® to protect the fanouts during storage or when not in use.

Use them for a keyboard rig, a complex drumkit setup, or any place you need to gather up mic lines. Both units feature clearly labeled side-exit connectors and fit in many places where a traditional box would be too bulky. (The Mini-12 is also available with a Whirlwind W1 multipin disconnect.)

Available with our traditional "Whirlwind Blue" multipair cable or Black upon request.

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