Custom Metal Department

Make no mistake, your labels, your logos, and your presentation speak volumes about the quality of your craft.

Whirlwind's state of the art metal facility can create panels and plates of almost any size - blank or custom punched and engraved. Services range from traditional heat stamping of connectors, screen printing and engraving to advanced laser etching

Check out our latest custom project on our CUSTOM SHOP page and see some of our marquis projects... guaranteed to spark your imagination.

Laser engraving makes the right impression AND it's affordable.

Thanks to the precision of computer-controlled machinery, Whirlwind can fabricate metal of nearly any size and description - from stage and floor boxes to panels and plates. We can also deliver multi-unit custom orders with 100% repeatability, faster than ever before.

Add an extra touch of professionalism by adding your logo to the connectors. It's permanent, IDs your gear, and puts your company's name out front.