Pre-wired Cord Department

Whirlwind builds hundreds of different types of cables with the same dedication to quality and innovation that has remained its philosophy since 1975.

One at a time, by hand and with the finest cable and connectors. That's the way we've been doing it for over 30 years.

We're proud of the fact that the Whirlwind name on a product stands for quality with no compromises.

We start with a cable designed to our specifications by our own engineering department.

Whirlwind's Accusonic+1 unbalanced cable features a braided pure copper shield. Carbon extrusion between the shield and center conductor provides extra shielding and reduces microphonics and handling noise.

Whirlwind Accusonic+2 balanced cable features full braided shield and two 22 ga. finely stranded center conductors for increased flexibility.

We then prep, solder, assemble, and test each cable by hand. The result is a cable that provides unsurpassed sound quality and durability compared to ANY other brand at ANY price.

Alex Foldvari, with Whirlwind 12 years. We estimate that he's prepped almost 2.4 million cables!

Soldering a batch of MK mic cables. We manufacture enough MKs in a year that connected end to end, they would extend over 500 miles!